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kolache roll

kolache roll


a rustic, delicious family recipe-

our kolache is a sweet, soft, and fluffy bread that's been rolled or braided with quality fillings and ingredients.

nut roll: walnuts & shredded coconut ground up into a sweet mix, swirled throughout the kolache dough
cheese roll: sweet cheese mixture braided inside the kolache dough


kolache roll comes wrapped in plastic wrap & parchment and tied with twine.




    this recipe is held close to my heart. i grew up in the kitchen, especially during the holidays, helping momma bakes by lo bake dozens of kolaches for family, friends, and for us. the recipe is handed down from my great grandma and holds warm memories and sweet nostalgia. i hope you love them as much as i do! for absolute freshness, wrap in foil/plastic wrap or store in ziplock bag. you can also freeze after properly wrapped.

    xo Lo



    please pickup your order on your specified date. if you have any issues or questions, please call us at 614-641-6931 or email us at

    pickups take place during normal business hours at our bakery located at 5354 center street in old hillard. we are located inside crooked can brewery. parking is available in the lot caddy-corner off wayne street, main street parallel parking, or you may call when you arrive and we will run your order out. 

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