frequently asked questions

how much do your custom cookies cost?

cookies start at $42/dozen, and may be more depending on level of difficulty. prices will be determined after submitting your request.

ribbon tied bags are an additional $6/dozen.

cookies are sealed individually in a cellophane bag to ensure freshness. 

do you have an order minimum?

1 dozen minimum. after that, you may order any number, it does not have to be in multiples of 12. larger orders unfortunately do not qualify for discounts. 

is your kitchen nut-free?

unfortunately, no. we are unable to claim that our kitchen is free of any type of allergen. please let us know if you have any allergies, we are happy to share our ingredient list.

what flavors are your cookies?

our signature sugar cookie is soft, dense, and not overly sweet to balance out the crunch and sweetness of our royal icing.

we also offer chocolate sugar cookies and seasonal flavors.

can you create a design i like?

absolutely! send pictures of your invitations, decorations, etc. we will try our best to recreate the idea you have in your head. however, we also appreciate the creative freedom you give us to not exactly copy another cookier's original work.

do you ship?

we do not ship at the current moment.

how do i pay?

an invoice (through square®) will be emailed at least a week prior to pickup for credit cards, or you can choose to pay in cash/check at time of pickup. please check your spam/junk folder if you don't receive one within a week of your order due date.

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